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Form of Authorization

Abkürzung: FOA

Der Ausdruck "Form of Authorization" wird beim Transfer von Internet-Domains zwischen Registraren gebraucht. Über die FOA-Mail werden die Domain-Inhaber über den Transfer informiert und können diesem zustimmen bzw. widersprechen.

ICANN schlägt folgende standardisierte FOA-Mail vor

DOMAIN NAME TRANSFER - Confirmation of Registrar Transfer Request

Attention: <insert Registered Name Holder or Administrative Contact of Record as listed in the WHOIS>
Re: Transfer of <insert domain name or list of domain names>
<insert name of registrar and/or name of reseller> received notification on <insert date of notification> that you have requested a transfer to another domain name registrar. If you want to proceed with this transfer, you do not need to respond to this message. If you wish to cancel the transfer, please contact us before <insert date> by:
[NOTE: a registrar may choose to include one or more of the following in the message sent to the Registered Name Holder or Admin contact, and additional processes may be added with ICANN approval. The order in which options are presented is a decision for each registrar]
[optional] send an email to <insert contact details>
[optional] send a fax to <insert contact details>
[optional] or please go to our website <insert URL of confirmation webpage>
[Note: website to contain text as above, with the option the transfer.]
If we do not hear from you by <insert date>, the transfer will proceed.


Suchbegriffe: KK-Antrag, Domänenübertragung, Providerwechsel