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Data and File Transfer Workshop Announcement :: RFC0309

Network Working Group                               17 March 1972
Request For Comments # 309                          Abhay Bhushan
NIC # 9260                                                MIT-MAC


        MIT will host a workshop on Data and File Transfer, Friday,
   April 14 and Saturday, April 15, 1972.  People have expressed an
   interest in revising the existing ARPANET Data and File Transfer
   Protocols (RFC # 264 and RFC # 265), to make them more suitable
   to fulfill the now better understood ARPANET requirements.

        The objective of this workshop is to arrive at a unified
   convention for ARPANET data and file transfer.  It is important
   that we adequately consider the needs of TIP users, DATACOMPUTER
   users, remote job entry users, and the major ARPANET service

        In addition to the current members of the data and file
   transfer protocol committee, I have invited a number of
   interested parties to talk and participate in this workshop.  On
   the first day's agenda is a list of speakers who have agreed to
   discuss their respective interests in data and file transfer.  If
   your interests have not been represented and you would like to
   give a presentation or discuss a specific area, please contact me
   (617-864-6900 Ext. 1428).

        Participants are encouraged to have written position papers
   ready at the time of this meeting.  If possible, these papers
   should be distributed as NWG/RFCs or informal notes to workshop
   invitees, prior to the workshop.

        As this meeting is intended to be an intensive workshop,
   with the second half devoted to a detailed specification of
   protocol, it will be necessary to limit attendance.  The
   attendance to this meeting is by invitation only.  A list of
   invitees is attached.  If you have not been invited, and would
   like to attend the workshop, please contact me.

        Hotel reservations may be made at Random House, operated by
   MIT's Real Estate office ($5.00 to $7.00/night), by contacting
   either me or Sue Pitkin (617-864-6900 Ext. 1450)  before March
   31st.  If you would prefer other hotel accomodations instead, a
   convenient hotel is the Fenway motor Hotel (Tel. 617-492-4777).

        Please contact either me or Sue Pitkin if you intend to come.

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NWG/RFC # 309                                              Abhay Bhushan


   FRIDAY April 14th, 1972

        8th Floor Conference Room, MIT Project MAC,
        545 Technology Square, Cambridge, Mass.

                      Morning Session -- 9:00 a.m.


        Steve Crocker -- ARPA
             Keynote Address and General Discussion

        Richard Winter -- CCA
             The DATACOMPUTER and ARPANET Protocols

        William Crowther -- BBN-NET
             Data and File Transfer to Terminal IMPs

        Robert T. Braden -- UCLA-CCN
             Remote Job Service on ARPANET -- A Server Viewpoint

        John Heafner -- RAND
             Remote Job Service on ARPANET -- A User Viewpoint


                     Afternoon Session -- 1:30 p.m.

        Ray Tomlinson -- BBN-TENEX
             The TENEX View and Experience With "CPYNET"

        Abhay Bhushan -- MIT-MAC
             Current Data and File Transfer Strategies and
             Some Measurement Results.

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NWG/RFC # 309                                              Abhay Bhushan


        Discuss revision and specific changes to the existing data
   transfer protocol (RFC 264).  See tentative discussion items for
   DTP on page 4.  You are expected to have read RFC 264 and be
   familiar with it.


        Discuss revision and specific changes to the existing file
   transfer protocol (RFC 265).  See tentative list of discussion
   items on page 4.  You are expected to have read RFC 265 and be
   familiar with it.

                             AGENDA (Cont.)

   SATURDAY April 15,  1972

        8th Floor Conference Room, MIT Project MAC,
        545 Technology Square, Cambridge, Mass.

                      Morning Session -- 9:00 a.m.


        Objective is to come up with revised specifications for data
   and file transfer protocols that fulfill current (existing and
   anticipated) ARPANET needs.  A unified approach is a desirable
   goal to strive for.

        Continuation of Friday's discussion of data and file
   transfer protocols, incorporating specific ideas and changes in
   the existing protocols.

        Possible formation of a sub-committee whose task is to write
   the revised specificaitons for DTP and FTP.

                     Afternoon Session -- 1:30 p.m.

                            (TO BE DECIDED)

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NWG/RFC # 309                                              Abhay Bhushan

                 Tentative List of Items for Discussion

   Data Transfer Protocol (DTP)

        - DTP vs TELNET.  Concept of extended TELNET, or
             allowing use of ASCII in DTP.

        - Error Control and recovery in DTP (use of
             error checks, restart, etc.)

        - Modes available -- handshake, only one mode, or use
             of default.

        - Information separator, Aborts, and the Use
             of Close (NCP-CLS) to Separate Information.

        - Use of DTP with TIPs

        - Use of DTP with DATACOMPUTER

   File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

        - Use of ICP, inter-mixing data and control,
             transferring files to third connections
             (possibly to different sites)

        - The command language ASCII or codes

        - Handling of data types and physical storage.

        - Handling of descriptors and logical structure

        - Error control and error recovery

        - Use of FTP with TIPs

        - Use of FTP with DATACOMPUTER

        - Uniform Pathnames and the ARPANET virtual file system.

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NWG/RFC # 309                                              Abhay Bhushan

                            List of Invitees
   R. T. Braden -- UCLA-CCN , A. Chan -- MIT-DMCG , S. D. Crocker --
   ARPA , W. Crowther -- BBN-TIP , E. Harslem -- Rand , J. Heafner
   -- Rand , A. McKenzie -- BBN-NET , J. Melvin -- SRI-ARC (NIC) ,
   E. Meyer --  MIT-MULTICS , J. Postel -- UCLA-NMC , N. Ryan --
   MIT-MULTICS , M. Seriff -- MIT-DMCG , R. Sundberg --  Harvard , R.
   Tomlinson -- BBN-TENEX , R. Watson -- SRI-ARC (NIC) , J. White --
   UCSB , R. Winter -- CCA

                           Suggested Reading
        It is recommended that prior to the workshop, attendees read
   the following papers.  This will greatly enhance the success of
   the workshop.

             1. The Data Trnasfer Protocol, NWG/RFC # 264

             2. The File Transfer Protocol, NWG/RFC # 265

             3. The Use of "Set Data Type" Transaction in File
                Transfer Protocol, A. Bhushan, NWG/RFC # 294

             4. Using ARPANET Remote Job Entry, E. Harslem, NWG/RFC # 307

             5. NETRJT -- Remote Job Service Protocol for TIPs,
                R. T. Braden, NWG/RFC # 283

             6. Interim NETRJS Specifications, R. T. Braden, NWG/RFC # 189

             7. User's View of the DATACOMPUTER, R. Winter, NWG/RFC # 219

             8. Data Language, CCA,  NIC # 8208

             9. A Suggested Addition to File Transfer Protocol,
                A. McKenzie, NWG/RFC # 281

            10. Revision of the Mail Box Protocol, NWG/RFC # 278

            11. Some Experience with File Transfer, H. Brodie,
                NWG/RFC # 269

            12. ARPANET Specifications for UCSB's Simple-Minded
                File System, J. White, NWG/RFC # 122

   (In addition please also read any of the position papers
   distributed prior to the workshop.)

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NWG/RFC # 309                                              Abhay Bhushan

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         [ into the online RFC archives by BBN Corp. under the   ]
         [ direction of Alex McKenzie.                   12/96   ]

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