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Network Graphics Working Group Meeting - Second Iteration :: RFC0396

NIC#:    11796
RFC#:    396
Date:  11/13/73
Title:  Network Graphics Working Group Meeting - Second Iteration
Author: Steve Bunch  ILL-ANTS
Distrib:  Network Graphics Group
Updates:  RFC 474

      I have obtained some feedback concerning my suggestion in RFC
474 that the Working Group meeting be held here on May 11, 1973. The
comments generally fell into three groups:

   (1) The meeting should be held at the end of April/ start of May to
   coincide with the ANTS meeting being held here then.
   (2) The meeting should be held in mid to late summer (majority said
   (3) The meeting should not be held yet, as there is nothing to meet

(1) That's simply too soon.  Admittedly it would be convenient, but
some people have other commitments on their time and that probably
wouldn't allow enough time for preparation.
(3) is not true, even considering my meager present and future planned
needs.  I hope there is a large group that shares this opinion.
(2) seems to be the best idea, since everyone who contacted me
objected strongly to the 11th of May.

     Bearing this in mind, I propose July 16, 1973 as the new meeting
date.  This should give everyone ample time to peruse James Michener's
(at the moment) forthcoming RFC.  If you have specific questions about
past meetings, committees, etc., this should give you time to get an
answer, also.

     The meeting will be chaired by James Michener, Network Graphics
Group chairman.  A recording secretary will (if my understanding of
past meeting protocol is correct) be volunteered at the meeting.  My
role has been, and will probably remain, clerical.  My phone number,
by the way, is (217) 333-9354. It was shown incorrectly in RFC 474. My
apologies to those people who got the Publications Office.  I can also
be reached via network mail as user BUNCH at site USC-ISI (restated in
a vague, obfuscatory, and hubistic metalanguage, English, by popular

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