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Port Aggregation Protocol

Abkürzung: PAgP

Kategorie: Netzwerkprotokolle

Das Port Aggregation Protocol (PAgP) wird von Cisco genutzt, um mehrere Ethernet-Links zu einem Etherchannel zu bündeln. Via PAGp können die einzelnen Ethernet-Ports zu einem Etherchannel zusammengefasst werden.

PAgP-Frame mit Ethereal aufgezeichnet

No.     Time        Source                Destination           Protocol
     41 31.032013   Cisco_45:32:9b        CDP/VTP               PAGP    

Frame 41 (119 bytes on wire, 119 bytes captured)
    Arrival Time: Dec  5, 2005 09:00:16.684755000
    Time delta from previous packet: 0.782676000 seconds
    Time since reference or first frame: 31.032013000 seconds
    Frame Number: 41
    Packet Length: 119 bytes
    Capture Length: 119 bytes
    Protocols in frame: eth:eth:llc:pagp
    Destination: 01000C0000
    0000 .... = Type: Ethernet (0)
    .... 0111 = User: Network control (7)
    Source: Cisco_45:f3:84 (00:0a:8a:45:f3:84)
    Length: 105
    DSAP: 0xAA
    SSAP: 0xAA
    Control: 0x3
    HSA: 0x000a8a
    0000 0000 0000 001. = VLAN ID: 0x0001
    .... .... .... ...1 = BPDU: Yes
    Index: 0
IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 
    Destination: CDP/VTP (01:00:0c:cc:cc:cc)
    Source: Cisco_45:32:9b (00:0a:8a:45:32:9b)
    Length: 75
    Frame check sequence: 0xd318e8ee [correct]
Logical-Link Control
    DSAP: SNAP (0xaa)
    IG Bit: Individual
    SSAP: SNAP (0xaa)
    CR Bit: Command
    Control field: U, func=UI (0x03)
        000. 00.. = Command: Unnumbered Information (0x00)
        .... ..11 = Frame type: Unnumbered frame (0x03)
    Organization Code: Cisco (0x00000c)
    PID: PAgP (0x0104)
Port Aggregation Protocol
    Version: Info PDU (0x01)
    Flags: 0x05 (Slow Hello, Consistent State)
        .... ...1 = Slow Hello: Yes
        .... ..0. = Auto Mode: Desirable Mode
        .... .1.. = Consistent State: True
    Local Device ID: Cisco_45:43:60 (00:0a:8a:45:43:60)
    Local Learn Capability: Arbitrary Distribution (0x02)
    Local Port Hot Standby Priority: 128
    Local Sent Port ifindex: 5
    Local Group Capability: 0x00010001
    Local Group ifindex: 29
    Partner Device ID: Cisco_5f:31:30 (00:0a:b7:5f:31:30)
    Partner Learn Capability: Arbitrary Distribution (0x02)
    Partner Port Hot Standby Priority: 128
    Partner Sent Port ifindex: 5
    Partner Group Capability: 0x00010001
    Partner Group ifindex: 54
    Partner Count: 1
    Number of TLVs: 2
    TLV Entry #1
        Type = 1 (Device Name TLV)
        Length = 12 bytes (includes Type and Length)
        Device Name: C3550-24
    TLV Entry #2
        Type = 2 (Physical Port Name TLV)
        Length = 9 bytes (includes Type and Length)
        Physical Port Name: Fa0/5

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